A new way of executing
Day of Operations

Plans Are Worthless but Planning Is Everything

observed Eisenhower

You have made your plans and have optimised your fleet and rosters using tools such as Optibus and Austrics. You are confident that you are on top of the servicing schedule with the maximum fleet available along with the recruitment process that has delivered you a good mix of qualified drivers.

It now comes down to execution on the day

The process of planning is vital in the execution of the plan even if circumstances determine that on the day itself, we need to follow a modification of the plan or a completely changed plan.

No plan survives contact with the enemy

Life gets in the way!

Vehicles break down, drivers call in sick, on-road diversions and accidents plus the weather all play a part interrupting the plans.

The task of responding to these challenges is often left to a couple of Service Delivery staff to juggle vehicles and drivers or even re-working the plan so to meet the timetable.  No easy task considering that routes, charters and school runs require appropriate vehicles and drivers with knowledge of those routes.

It is about providing the right information at the right time

At Systems368 we offer a series of tools that enable the Service Delivery staff to focus on the exceptions to the plan by bringing as near as possible real-time data into their view of the day. That could be real-time data from PTV or TransportforNSW, GPS tracking from your vehicles or updates from On-Demand tools such as moovit.

We bring you a series of alerts and apply machine learning to enable you to choose the right vehicle and driver whilst being mindful of fatigue regulations, and future commitments of both vehicles and drivers. Immediately you can see your entire network and the status of the vehicles (including EV's) and drivers whether they be on the road, in the workshop, on a break or driving.

Don't let your plan fail!


Save money. Save time. Increase productivity. Experience simple integration with your existing systems and leverage emerging technology.


Cloud based or desktop. On any device - behind or beyond your desk, take it on road anywhere.


Easy implementation. Small to large depots - we understand the issues.

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